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  1. Mila

    Hi 🙂 I was wondering if you could help me with some info regarding buying a house on your street .I came across your blog while researching the neighbourhood .I really enjoyed the blog and you seem to be honest an very informed.I am interested in the home for sale at169 Ellerslie .The problem is its been in sale for soooo long and I was wondering if you knew something about why it’s not selling? Is it haunted ? Was there a murder ? Is it built on a dump? It it just plain ugly ? Is there a building going up beside it? Offenders live on the street?It gets flooded? Use to be a graveyard? Lol all kidding aside I am really wondering.i would hate to buy it than find out later there was a problem:(( I would really appreciate any info you have:)) thanks and take care


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