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400 Documentaries Hand-Picked to Change the World

Get your Docs Fix

Looking for some great documentary films or series?  Films for Change as released their Wall of Films, 400 Documentaries Hand-Picked to Change the World.  Recently I also came across TopDocumentaryFilms which categories a lot of the available content out there.  If you are looking for more lecture style video, stop over at The Great Courses by the Teaching Company.

What are your favourites?  Over a decade ago I saw Spellbound, which really captivated me.  And back in highschool Mr. Cox showed us Sir Kenneth Clark’s Civilisation.  These days we’ve been watching a lot of David Attenbourgh’s BBC Bristol Nature series.

Our adventures this week in pictures and video 2012-45

We started the week with some slightly crazed kids thanks to Halloween.

We also hadn’t gotten a lot of good video and me in my freaky tall blue creature halloween costume so we spent some time on the weekend putting it back on and trying things out.

Our circus school was closed last week so we missed our regular classes.  It didn’t stop my son, as I found these videos he took of himself practicing the silks.

We stepped in to Kimberly Jackson on Queen Monday after our drop-in and we saw some really nice handcrafted wooden tables that they are having a sale on atm.

Tuesday I was trying to get the kids out of the house to play, but they just seemed to want to stay in.  We ended up building some bridges out of Kapla blocks (beam and cantilever), and then put it into practice as I became a human beam bridge, and my daughter was the load.

They got some exercise by playing on their homemade trapeze they have in their bedroom.

We did get out of the house in the afternoon though and started raking our leaves — mostly to have a pile to jump in, and a few to add to our compost.  Poor tree not getting fresh soil.

We discovered Richard Wiseman‘s Quirkology feed on Youtube and we proceeded to duplicate some of his puzzles and challenges.

Game wise we’ve been playing a lot of Mastermind.

Thursday we headed down to The 90th Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.  We started out in the Spirit of the Horse area and watched the Toronto Police Mounted Unit, Elaine Ward demonstrate Western Style Dressage with her horse Maverick, and a Thoroughbred horse too.

We continued the horse theme as we ate our lunch in the Horse Palace watching some of the competitors for the horse jumping warm up.  My son spotted a horse he liked the look of and we followed them into the Ricoh Coliseum to see them compete.  It was Onisha and her driver, Olympian, Reed Kessler as they were competing in the Brickenden Trophy International Jumper Class.

The highlight of the Education Barn was the pig truck.  The kids watched, fascinated, as the dozen or so piglets nursed from their mother, and as the two, 6 week old (and much larger), pigs cuddled each other.

I’m always interested in the over-sized vegetables.  This year the corn-stalk was over 21 feet tall!

What did you do this week?

Our videos this week – 2012-41

It was a busier than usual week for video uploads to our youtube channel, so I thought I’d just include them all here in case you missed some.  To help from missing out, feel free to subscribe to us and you’ll be notified of new videos as soon as they upload.

And our most popular video this past month continues to be Kids Playing in ball pit.

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