Douglas Snow Aquatic Centre failed to open as scheduled

Douglas Snow Aquatic Centre in North York has been closed for “state of good repairs” since the beginning of September.  They were scheduled to have all work complete by “Dec 31 2012”.  We stopped in today with high-hopes that our long missed Wednesday morning pre-school swim time would be operational and it wasn’t.  Work-men were still in the pool area.  Equipment could be seen being moved around.  The work fence and signage was still up outside.  The pool was empty.

The recreation assistant we spoke to could only say it’ll be “soon”.  Lessons are set to start on Saturday, and it’s my understanding it takes two and a half days to fill the pool… if I were you I’d expect phone calls from Parks & Rec telling you your first week of lessons (at least) will be postponed 😦

Update: Jan 3 — we received our phone call today tell us swim lessons would be postponed a week with a credit given to our parks & rec account (they can’t extend the lessons due to March Break schedules).  For me information call Mrs Bain @ 416-395-7593.

Honestly, I had near zero expectation that a construction project for a government entity would ever be completed on time.  Here’s hoping it was at least done on budget.


5 thoughts on “Douglas Snow Aquatic Centre failed to open as scheduled

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  2. Post author

    Thanks for the comment Lisa!

    I hadn’t thought about how long it’d take to heat the pool once it was filled.
    I asked today and it turns out they are actually running it 2degrees F colder than before (used to be 84, now it’s 82 — more in line with the rest of the city’s pools — we always ran extra warm before).

  3. Sherryann Dindial

    The requirements for the deep end test is utterly ridiculous. They refuse to pass my daughter when she has swam in many other public pools, pass the swim to survive and can tread 40ft of water. They consistently kills her confidence and self esteem as a swimmer. Its not the Olympics for crying out loud. I will not put my child in danger by allowing her to go in the deep end if i haven’t seen her and others haven’t passed her at other locations. Your child will be disappointed so save them the trip to this pool.

  4. yuki

    I was looking at the website for Douglas Snow. Does anyone have any idea why none of their Aquafitness class allow seniors? It seems the cutoff age is 59? This seems very odd to me.


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