Peregrine Falcon chased a Canadian Goose

Wanted to share a sighting of the peregrines at Mel Lastman Square today.  One of them was chasing a canadian goose through the air down the middle of the square!  It was wild.  He chased him east, then down south around to North York Blvd between the Transamerica building and the board of education building.  The bird appeared a minute or two later again so I suspect they didn’t capture it, but it was fancy to see.

My kids and I watched for 30 minutes or so, and one bird perched on the lights on the north side of the transamerica building (third pillar over, and on the right), and was joined by the other after 10 minutes or so, 5 pot lights away.  Another 10 minutes or so passed and the first bird climbed along the ledge, and then squeezed behind a light and I never saw it come out from that spot.  Made me wonder if a nest might be back there?

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