Want to be my neighbour? 5 Options on the block atm

Follow-up to previous post from last year, 5 options are on the market at the moment if you’d like to be my neighbour.

Many options on the block at the moment.  2 new builds, 2 existing homes and one for lease.  On Ellerslie Ave between Tamworth and Senlac (one is two houses the other side of Senlac).

From east to west:

  • New build 183 Ellerslie (MLS# C2775924) listing at $1,689,000
  • New build 188 Ellerslie Ave (MLS# C2783699) re-listed with new agents after months of not selling (MLS#C2639633).  New price $1,749,000
  • For Lease 197 Ellerslie Ave (MLS#C2769820) for $1,800 a month
  • 205 Ellerslie Ave (MLS#C2784832) listed yesterday for $975,000.  Lot is listed at 57’ feet, which if split in the future would in theory be less than the previously allowed split size.  Nice enough place it might stay to be lived in instead of destroyed like so many others on the street
  • On the other side of Senlac 274 Ellerslie (C2774630) listed last week and I believe reduced since then but not 100% sure, now $849,000

2 thoughts on “Want to be my neighbour? 5 Options on the block atm

  1. Sherry

    Hi Chris. Are you related to Linda Nolan? I am a ex-churchill Mom too. Sherry Mehta. Can you tell me anything more about 188 Ellerslie? Today is Feb 27 2014 and it looks like your original post about it going on the market for $1.7 M was in Sept 2012?? My agent just sent it to us today showing a reduction down to $1.5 M so I’m wondering if you’ve heard that something is wrong with it if it hasn’t sold in a year and a half? I’m very sensitive to mold which usually starts with damp basements (cement naturally sucks up moisture) Looks like Willow trees growing behind it, which usually grow in damp soil, and maybe this is the end of the park that often has ‘a little lake’ and even ducks?

    1. ChrisNolan.ca Post author

      Hi Sherry. No relation to a Linda afaik. The Sept 2012 post was different houses… 188 hasn’t been listed for that long, but it has been probably 6 months maybe (checked and I see I noted a reduction in price in Oct, so four months ago, but didn’t seem to post the original date)? Started at 1.888 to cash in on the address of 188 (which was changed by the builders since there was a gap in addresses – i.e. the house that was torn down wasn’t 188) and the ‘luck’ some cultures attribute to the #8 as I understand it.

      It is a brand new build so I wouldn’t think mold would be an issue. But you are correct that the area behind it does get very wet in the spring, but it is the couple houses to the west that get the actual build up of water. There are some trenches from the school yard, and extra storm drains in the grass back there to alleviate it. I believe 188 is the shallowest, depth wise from the street (130 ft maybe to about 145 for the others), because of the extra space the park takes for the turn around at the dead end of Abbotsford. I like the ducks, they do laps around the block at dusk. The houses on the south side of the street at that section of the block are 300ft deep so I think that has a big factor for people comparing prices and lots. Slightly higher price house, much smaller lot? I’m no real estate expert, I just find it interesting to keep track of these things.

      Best of luck in your hunt for a home.

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