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Pad your Youtube views

I found a bug on Youtube that lets you inflate your video views.  I reported it to them a few weeks ago and they haven’t fixed it yet so I thought I’d share it with y’all.

I’m sure you know that if you repeatedly watch your own video, the ‘views’ doesn’t increase.  Their system is smart enough to know that the views are coming from the same spot and doesn’t count them.  Except!  When there is an ‘edit in progress’ it seems.  So use the ‘Enhancements’ link at the top of your video and do some small change (trim a few frames, or use the new ‘stabilize’ ability) and save your video.  While youtube’s cloud chugs away at reprocessing your video and you see the ‘Edit in progress’ in your Video Manager you can refresh the video page as often as you like and every view will go towards your total count.  I haven’t yet tried to automatic it, but a simple script would most likely cause the counter to go way up.  The most I’ve bothered with for my little video collection is to get a base 100 views as I didn’t want to actually exploit it.